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9/28/2012 06:47:28 pm

THX for info

4/27/2013 02:14:37 am

Hoping to make trip there in August and visit Brooks Lodge Bear Viewing while there as well. I will likely be flying into Anchorage and bus to Homer . Is there taxi toy our B&B or isolated? walking only?

Love the Homer area.
Wanna live there!
I will sure visit the Yurt place. been wondering if they were sold in this area! great Info!
I'm trying to find a piece of land I can afford -- and put up a yurt for year-round living.

4/27/2013 03:22:26 am

You can try to catch a shuttle van to Homer or call KBBI the local radio station at 907 235 7721 to listen to free rides offered. Once you get to Homer you can catch a taxi to my b&b as it is located 5 miles east of town. Yurts are built and sold at Alaska Nomad Shelter in town and there is beautiful property available for sale.
You can book a reservation for my rental on my site. Thanks for your interest. Marjorie


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